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Go Green

A little more about Green with Minuteman Press Abbotsford

We have many sustainable print practices within our business. In recent times upgrading to LED lighting as well as upgrading our machinery to state of the art digital presses are some of the ways we have reduced our carbon foot print. 


In recent times we have upgraded our machinery to state of the art digital presses, allowing us to offer print on demand for our clients. This reduces waste, print run times and the need for chemicals, film and plates. Using less power and with the biodegradable consumables, our digital printing presses have less impact on the environment. 


We recycle all of our paper off-cuts and metal offset printing plates. Special attention is given to the separation of all material waste before disposal. It is just another way we are looking out for our environment.

Inks from Renewable Sources

For our offset presses we use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks and water based cleaners. A far better way than the old petroleum based inks and solvent based cleaners. 

Computer to Plate

A major change in the offset print industry is the introduction and improvement to CTP (Computer to Plate) machinery. No longer is film produced to burn offset metal printing plates. At Minuteman Press Abbotsford we have phased out film altogether and now print directly to plate from the file. Not only has this become a more efficient procedure, but it also eliminates all the chemicals associated with film.

Emissions & Credit Offsets

Our approach to Greenhouse emissions is to eliminate and minimise them rather than simply achieve ‘carbon neutrality’ by buying credits.

Paper Stocks

The availability of environmentally friendly paper is changing all the time. At Minuteman Press Abbotsford we provide detailed advice on choosing the most appropriate environmentally graded stocks to suit your printing needs.

Our wide range of paper include FSC® Certified - Mix, FSC® Certified - Recycled, Certified Carbon Neutral, ISO 14001 EMS -  Environmental Management Systems, Paper Made Carbon Neutral, PEFC Certified, Responsible Forestry Practices and Manufactured with Windpower.