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Christmas Cards

Dear supporter,

We are pleased to present our 2020 range of corporate cards. By choosing Minuteman Press charity greeting cards, you send a message of goodwill, supporting three brilliant charities: The Heart Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Children's Cancer Institute Australia.

Charity Greeting Cards are excited to present their 19th consecutive Christmas card range. Over the past 13 years they have raised more than $2 million for charity.

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5 Tips for Sending Business Holiday Greeting Cards

With the festive season rapidly approaching, there’s a lot to prepare in the run up to Christmas. Decorations, presents, food, parties… the list is endless! Sorting your company Christmas cards is one task where we can save you a headache.

We’ve put together our 5 top tips for creating the perfect Christmas card.

Be Timely
Send them now...not later.  A timely Christmas card from your business projects care, attention, optimism and success.  Conversely, late Christmas cards project the exact opposite messages. Remember - when Christmas is's over!  People move quickly into the new year and late Christmas cards "miss the moment." 

Quality speaks about you.

First impressions do last. What is the first thing your recipient will notice about your card? First is the design and second is the quality of your card.. Never substitute email or social media for a card you sign and mail. It's convenient but not as personal or heartfelt as addressing, stamping and mailing a physical card…or as fun to receive. Many cards are posted throughout the office during the holiday season, and bring a sense of joy and remembrance over and over again. Make the effort to send a physical card

They are one of the cheapest and most cost-effective promotions that you can use for this season. Don’t sacrifice quality by going for the least expensive options.

Be Unique

You can, of course, just select a standard design from the card catalogue, but why not try a different approach? You can create a very unique and memorable card that doesn’t have to break your budget. Some ideas include using the typically family-oriented photo card format to show a picture of your team, designing a flat greeting card that incorporates your actual business card, or selecting a humorous card to go for the laugh.

Make It Personal

Many business holiday cards are pre-printed, giving them a professional look and feel. But make sure you take time to address your cards individually and write a personal message in each card. A handwritten note from you can be the difference between a throw-away business greeting card and one that is kept and remembered.

Purchase holiday stamps.

Forgo the postage paid and dress up the envelopes in a festive way with Christmas stamps. It adds one more personal touch to your cards.